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hln cosmetics

We were tasked with creating a branded mailer experience for a company of our choice. I chose to design a makeup company inspired by Helen of Troy and her iconic beauty, choosing the name HLN Cosmetics. My mailer contained the company's "Thousand Ships Kit." The kit included a foundation stick, rouge, and a cake mascara.



I began the design process by studying Ancient Greek art and culture. I was really intrigued by the abstraction and minimalism of Minoan frescos and pottery. I originally explored the idea of having a "Helen" figure on the branding. However, I decided that a single depiction of beauty was too limiting so I decided to go with a more universal symbol of beauty, a flower. Drawing inspiration from archaic pottery and art nouveau posters, I created a floral motif.

I took the floral motif and set about modifying it for each individual item. Reusing the motif, kept the products unified, but the different scales and highlights kept the products unique. Since I had the iconography, my next focus was the color palette. I wanted something Mediterranean, but also contemporary and luxurious. I decided to use a pale pink paper as the base of my design with a dark teal design and gold accents. The palette was feminine, but still bold.

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