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typeface booklet

I was tasked with creating a booklet that explored a typeface. The booklet had to be about the designer and the origin and characteristics of the font. I selected the typeface Avant Garde by Herb Lubalin.



Avant Garde was created in the 70's and was used for Avant Garde, a counter-culture magazine. I wanted my design to capture the rebellious and "groovy" nature of the magazines and the era of the time. I decided to go with a bright and poppy color palette. I decided to include halftone textures in my illustrations as halftones provide a vintage feel and are also common in cheap-printing methods like newspaper and magazines.

I started my design with the smoke illustration. I used the unique shape to build my layout and grid. I wanted to balance the organic shapes of the illustrations with the really geometric and angular lines of the type to create a harmonious design. 

type book crop.jpg
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