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pause wellness deck

We were tasked with creating a gift wrapping option for an existing product that could be reused as an activity. The box had to have minimal waste and represent the item inside without revealing it.


I collaborated on this project with Renata Orozco and Sarah Macias. We chose to package tea or other self-care items. We wanted to build off the moments of mindfulness or reflection that these items create and turn it into an experience you acknowledge. We decided to create a "wellness deck," for our activity. This deck includes various prompts to reflect or act on in order ground yourself. These include things like: call a loved one, go for a walk, think about something that makes you smile. Since the our whole concept was about stopping for a moment of reflection we named our box "Pause," we set about creating a design that was calm and refined with an easy user experience that didn't disrupt from the simplicity of the activity. We wanted the experience to be as much a part of the branding as the design itself.


We settled on using a simple, Memphis inspired pattern and paired pastels with hints of bold colors for our palette. We wanted something slightly feminine, but still neutral enough that anyone would be interested in the product. Our main focus was on making the experience as easy as possible, but also waste free. We decided that the lid of our box would turn into a branded tray to house the gift and the deck. The bottom portion of the box would unfold when opened, it featured perforated lines and scissor icons to show how to disassemble the box into the cards. We also included an instructional card, this explained how to use the deck and how to construct it. The instruction card came with adhesive strips and explained how to fold it into a deck box to house the wellness cards. This ensured that there was zero waste, but that it was also an easy activity to construct.

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